Faith Amid Adversity

Read This Week: Genesis 36-37

Now Israel loved Joseph more than any of his other sons because he had been born to him in his old age, and he made an ornate robe for him. When his brothers saw that their father loved him more than any of them, they hated him and could not speak a kind word to him. – Genesis 37:3-4 NIV

Genesis 36 presents a fascinating exploration into the lineage of Esau, the elder twin brother of Jacob, whose story intertwines with the narrative of the patriarchs in the Bible. Often overshadowed by the prominence of Jacob, Esau’s descendants, as detailed in this chapter, offer valuable insights into the complexities of family dynamics, heritage, and divine providence. This chapter meticulously outlines the genealogy of Esau’s descendants, detailing his marriages, children, and the formation of tribal communities that would shape the landscape of the ancient Near East.

Genesis 37 shows us, through the lens of Joseph’s famous story, that we are still susceptible to the human condition of sin and how despicable choices of people can intersect with the overarching sovereignty and plans of Almighty God. Central to this chapter is the iconic “coat of many colors” given to Joseph by his doting father, Jacob. This garment becomes a symbol of favoritism and Joseph’s unique role within the family. Its significance lies not in material value but in the relational dynamics it signifies. The jealousy it incites among Joseph’s brothers catalyzes the ensuing events that are both chilling and providential.

Joseph’s brothers’ jealousy over his father’s favoritism reaches a boiling point as they plot to rid themselves of him. Their actions speak to the depths of envy, hatred, and the destructive nature of unchecked resentment. Yet, amidst their betrayal, we witness the dichotomies of family relationships and the tensions arising from competing desires for love, recognition, and validation. But God’s hand of providence is unmistakably present amid Joseph’s trials. Despite being sold into slavery and facing countless hardships, his journey ultimately leads him to a position of power and influence in Egypt. His rise from despair to prominence underscores the theme of divine orchestration amid human frailty.

This section offers timeless lessons for us today. It prompts us to examine our relationships, motivations, and responses to adversity. Moreover, it reminds us of the transformative power of forgiveness and redemption, as evidenced by Joseph’s eventual reconciliation with his brothers. It serves as a foundational chapter in the biblical narrative, laying the groundwork for the trials and triumphs of the Israelite people. Through the lens of this story, we can reflect on our tendencies in the flesh and our sinful human nature, the interplay between free will and divine intervention, and the enduring power of faith amid hardship. Exercising faith despite our circumstances is relevant to every generation of believers.

As we journey through our challenges in life, may we draw inspiration from Joseph’s unwavering trust in God’s plan and care for him, knowing that even in the darkest times, we are never truly alone. We can place our faith in the Lord Jesus amid any adversity the world offers.


  1. Heidi on March 22, 2024 at 10:44 am

    Genesis 37:5 Now Joseph dreamed a dream, and he told it to his brothers, and they hated him even more. 6 He said to them, “Please listen to [the details of] this dream which I have dreamed;

    Father God is always working on our hearts.
    I have learned over the years that we should honor our own dreams and others dreams.
    When someone shares a dream or a vision, listen to the details, ask questions, seek Me about it, be a helper in someone’s journey
    Everyone has emotions and feelings.
    we need to learn to manage, these feelings like jealousy, fearfulness, feeling threatened. The list goes on..
    When we’re not seeking God,
    We can struggle and have negative feelings towards people, we may not understand why we’re feeling that way!
    As we seek God He helps us!
    We’re learning, as we’re reading about people in the Bible what to do and what not to do.
    Even though the brothers took things in their own hands because they were threatened and jealous by Joseph’s dream, what God gave Joseph did happen years later.
    It is all about our hearts, and where we’re at in our journey with God.
    It’s having a heart to want to help others in their walk with God. We all have a part and what God is doing, and God allows things in our life because he’s working on our heart..

    God was saying to me through this
    It’s all about you and me first. If you start to have feelings that are bothering you come to Me I Am all about helping you work through them and working together, helping one another, When you’re walking in the spirit with Me, you will be able to see what I am doing,
    And it’s good!
    Thank you Father God that you have plans and purposes in our life all the time. We hope that we get better and better at being sensitive to other peoples dreams and visions, and that we can be a part of helping them.
    As we’re all walking with you and other people, I hope that we can hear you more and more to be helpers, to help one another in our walk with you, and to be a part of watching what you’re doing and be excited. We love you, father, God, Jesus, and your Holy Spirit. ❤️️

  2. Heidi on March 22, 2024 at 10:48 am

    I love this song because there’s a good jealous, which is God‘s heart for us, all he wants is all of our heart. To desire him more than anything, and know that he is right here with us and he’s always trying to get our attention because he loves us. He wants to be a part of our life 24 seven
    Thank you God that you never give up you’re always chasing after us. You’re always right here for us. All we have to do is to respond to you so simple. All we have to do is just say hi father God what is on your heart today❤️️

    Jealous Love

    When I don’t pray like I used to
Or sing quite as loud as I did
And the way I once loved You
Is a mem’ry of the life
That I once lived

    Though my mind may wander
And my heart’s a runaway
God You never give up on the chase

    With Jealous love
Half of my heart is not enough
What distance could come between us
Show me how lost I’ve become
And chase me again
With Jealous Love

    In every piece my hearts departed
Remind me of the peace
That made me whole
And If I take Your love for granted
Remind me of Your grace
That I have known

    Though my mind may wander
And my heart’s a runaway
God You never give up on the chase
    With Jealous love
Half of my heart is not enough
What distance could come between us
Show me how lost I’ve become
And chase me again
With Jealous Love

    Stay close
So close You never wonder
Where I am
So You never have
To chase me again
So close that my whole heart
Is where You live
So Close
    Jealous love

    With Jealous love
Half of my heart is not enough
What distance could come between us
Show me how lost I’ve become
And chase me again
With Jealous Love

  3. Trina on March 23, 2024 at 10:24 am

    ~Genesis Chapter 36/37~

    Genesis Chapter 37 Verse 5
    Now Joseph had a dream and he told it to his brother’s, and they hated him still more.

    Genesis Chapter 37 Verse 6
    And he said to them, listen now and hear, I pray you, this dream that I have dreamed:

    Genesis Chapter 37 Verse 9
    But Joseph dreamed yet another dream and told it to his brothers [also]. He said, See here, I have dreamed again, and behold, [this time not only] 11 stars [but also] the sun and the moon bow down and did reverence to me!

    ~The Silent Dreamer~

    God Is Saying To Me:

    My child, remember I have chosen you and called you by name. We have a special relationship. I show you special tactics, visions and duties. When you listen and obey me, I can teach you to understand special operations. At times, you may be unable to see the significance or end result of specific tasks and our special operations or assignments may not be satisfied immediately. So be patient. Choose your audience wisely and keep our mission together at bay until it’s time to march forward. Things shown to you are our treasures and not everyone needs to know our plans or strategy. That’s why you are mine and I am yours.

    What This Means To Me:
    We all have special operations with God. God’s strategies may not include revealing everything to everyone. We have to learn to be still, be attentive, be in prayer and be asking God to help us understand His will for our mission or ideas. Our relationship with God is special and it’s ours. Everyone doesn’t have to know every detail concerning special treasures between us and God. Thank you God that you teach us to wait and know for certain when it is time to speak or move. Your instructions are always on time to glorify you and to further the Kingdom of God. Do not create scenarios where you may regret sharing all the details of special conversations and dreams that you are doing with God..

  4. PK Chat on March 24, 2024 at 9:43 am

    Have you ever believed something so strongly, only to discover later that it wasn’t the whole truth? Imagine holding onto a belief that shapes your actions, decisions, and relationships, and then one day, you realize it was based on a misunderstanding or a partial view of reality. How would that change your perspective?

    This is not just a theoretical question; it’s a reality that plays out in our lives, as it did centuries ago in the biblical story of Joseph and his brothers from Genesis 37. Joseph’s brothers acted on their jealousy and false perceptions, making a decision that would impact their family for generations. Yet, this story doesn’t just highlight the pitfalls of misunderstanding; it illuminates the path to reconciliation, truth, and ultimately, freedom.

    The importance of seeking truth with diligence and engaging in meaningful conversations with others is paramount. It’s through this pursuit that we can avoid the pitfalls of misconceptions and align our lives with God’s purpose. Reflecting on my journey, I’ve seen how mistaken beliefs can misguide our paths. But through Jesus,

    I encountered a transformative truth that not only altered my trajectory but also instilled a set of beliefs rooted in love, forgiveness, and purpose. This revelation wasn’t just life-changing; it was liberating, setting me on a course towards fulfillment and impactful living.

    As we draw from these reflections, let’s consider three crucial insights:

    1. **Love and Understanding**: The biblical narrative of Joseph highlights the complexity of family dynamics and the consequences of favoritism. Yet, it also reminds us of the power of unconditional love and understanding. Love should foster unity, not division, encouraging us to act with compassion and empathy towards everyone in our lives.

    2. **Actions Based on Belief**: Our beliefs deeply influence our actions. Like Joseph’s brothers, we might act out of jealousy or misunderstanding. Recognizing this, we should strive to base our actions on truth and love, ensuring that our beliefs lead to constructive, not destructive, outcomes.

    3. **The Transformative Power of Truth**: Truth has the power to free us from the chains of falsehood and guide us towards a life of purpose. Just as Joseph’s faith in God’s plan allowed him to transcend his circumstances, our understanding of divine truth can liberate us from our past and illuminate our path forward.

    In closing, Joseph’s story, enriched by divine guidance and reconciliation, offers us profound lessons on the importance of seeking truth, engaging in meaningful dialogue, and allowing our lives to be shaped by a foundation of love and understanding. Let us take these insights to heart, fostering relationships that are built on genuine understanding and actions that reflect our deepest, truth-informed beliefs. In doing so, we not only honor God’s vision for our lives but also contribute to a world that reflects His love and truth..

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